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  • Founder of Fishing Sensei with over 21 years of hands-on fishing experience.
  • Offers insights ranging from beginner to expert level, breaking down complex topics for new anglers while providing deep reviews that expert anglers trust.
  • Featured contributor on Fish Untamed, guiding readers on choosing the right fly for each season.


Reuben Lim, the heart and mind behind Fishing Sensei, is dedicated to making fishing accessible and enjoyable for all. With no formal fishing education, Reuben’s wisdom stems from years of firsthand experience, starting from the age of 9 under his father's guidance. His approach to writing resonates with his passion for the sport: simplifying intricate concepts and crafting articles that not only educate but entertain. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned angler, Reuben's insights ensure that you're well-equipped and well-informed for your next fishing adventure. Outside of his professional life, Reuben keeps himself active, enjoying regular workouts and, of course, more fishing.


While Reuben hasn't pursued formal education in fishing, his 21 years of immersive experience serve as a testament to his expertise. Learning the ropes from his father and experimenting with diverse fishing styles, lures, and techniques over the years, Reuben’s knowledge is grounded in real-world practice, ensuring readers get actionable and practical advice.

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