10 Best Perch Lures Reviewed

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Best Perch Lures

Hi there! You’re about to read my review of the best perch lures.

Those with experience fishing perch should know that they’ll eat just about anything. But even so, there are lures that will get them biting on a slow day and get them to bite faster on good days.

These 10 perch fishing lures are meant to accommodate any fishing style, so simply pick the ones that you need from the list. 

Let’s get started.

Our Top 10 Picks

  1. Acme Kastmaster (Best Overall)
  2. Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow (Best Runner-Up)
  3. Rapala Jigging Rap (Best For Jigging)
  4. Rapala Shad Rap (Best Topwater Lure)
  5. Berkley Gulp! Minnow (Best Soft Plastic Lure)
  6. Berkley PowerBait Power Honey Worms (Best Scent)
  7. Mepps Aglia Spinner (Best Spinner)
  8. Marabou Jig (Best Hair Jig)
  9. Clam Leech Flutter Spoon (Best For Ice Fishing)
  10. Blue Fox Classic Vibrax (Best Inline Spinner)

The 10 Best Perch Lures

A quick note before we begin, even the best perch fishing lures don’t work 100% of the time, so you might want to get a few of these perch fishing baits. This way, you can switch it up if one isn’t working on a particular day.

Best Overall

1. Acme Kastmaster

First up is probably the most versatile lure of all time – the Acme Kastmaster. 

Seasoned anglers will likely already have this in their arsenal, as it’s a lure that will work on any fish species. Aside from its versatility, its incredibly durable solid brass material and its streamlined body that allows for long casts helped solidify its position as the best lure. 

And it isn’t only for perch. I dare say the Acme Kastmaster will make a strong case for the overall best regardless of what fish species it’s used for.

Best Runner-Up

2. Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow

Another remarkably versatile lure, the Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow holds a special place in many anglers’ hearts. It’s a favourite among anglers for its visual appeal and versatility. 

Like the Acme Kastmaster, if you’re not sure what lure to use for a certain fish, the Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow is almost guaranteed to do the trick. What’s more, minnows are one of the main sources of food for perch, which means the Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow will be doubly effective.

Yellow perch are one of the most popular fish for perch fishermen, so you’ll be glad to hear the Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow is one of the best yellow perch lures available.

Best For Jigging

3. Rapala Jigging Rap

Next on the list, the Rapala Jigging Rap is the best lure you can have for jigging for perch. As with all Rapala lures, the action from this lure is exceptional and will fool even the most cautious perch into taking a bite. It’s also designed to mimic a minnow to make the lure more tempting. The combination of all these features makes for an awesome lure for jigging like no other.

Alternatively, there’s also an option that looks like yellow perch. Since yellow perch also feed on other yellow perch, the yellow perch version of this lure is a good choice to catch yellow perch. Of course, yellow perch also feed on minnows, so even the minnow version of this lure will work for yellow perch fishing.

Best Topwater Lure

4. Rapala Shad Rap

Another Rapala lure, the Rapala Shad Rap’s ability to imitate a wounded minnow is unparalleled. Whether your boat is casually cruising along or throttling ahead at full speed, this lure is able to swim naturally and get perch to bite. 

The super realistic colour scheme further enhances the lure’s attractiveness, making it even harder for perch to resist taking a bite.

Best Soft Plastic Lure

5. Berkley Gulp! Minnow

At first glance, the Berkley Gulp! Minnow may not look like much, but any perch that takes the bait will never be able to let go. 

This lure uses a water-based formula to recreate the taste of live minnows. Once a perch takes a bite, it believes the lure is an actual minnow and will never let a free meal go. This means once you feel a tug, the perch is pretty much already in the bag.

Best Scent

6. Berkley PowerBait Power Honey Worms

Berkley is well-known for its irresistible scents, and the Berkley PowerBait Power Honey Worms do not disappoint. PowerBait is Berkley’s unique scent that makes fishes hold on to any hook 18 times longer. This scent, coupled with the fact that perch love worms, makes this lure a must-have for perch fishing.

This lure also works especially well for yellow perch fishing as yellow perch love eating mealworms.

Best Spinner

7. Mepps Aglia Spinner

On to the next lure, the Mepps Aglia Spinner is sure to be seen by perch even from far away. 

The flash from this lure is unmissable because of the constant spinning. It’s like a beacon of light that keeps spinning, drawing perch toward it. It’s also versatile to a certain extent since it gives off flash like the Acme Kastmaster, just less noticeably.

Best Hair Jig

8. Marabou Jig

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that the colour options are extremely bright and vibrant. These help to increase the number of perch that actually see your lure.

More importantly, every component of this artificial bait, from the hook to the jig head, was engineered to attract perch. If you’re looking for a hair jig for perch, you could do a lot worse than the Marabou Jig.

Best For Ice Fishing

9. Clam Leech Flutter Spoon

Made to be used in harsh icy conditions, the Clam Leech Flutter Spoon is the best ice fishing lure on the market for perch. You can’t really tell from the picture, but the materials used are much more durable than what you normally find in lures. Under normal conditions, this lure would definitely come in near the bottom, but among ice fishing lures, there’s no better one to catch perch.

Best Inline Spinner

10. Blue Fox Classic Vibrax

When it comes to inline spinners, the Blue Fox Classic Vibrax has no equal. Flash, action, and vibration, it’s got it all. The picture is kind of blurry, but you can roughly see how shiny the surface is. The spinning action from this lure also mimics baitfish flawlessly and the free-turning brass gear gives off vibration when it rattles. These features make this lure a cut above other inline spinners.

Tips and Tricks for Catching Perch

Alright, now that you know what perch fishing lures to use, it’s time to go perch fishing. Whether you’re going on your very first fishing trip or an avid angler, this video will teach you priceless tips and tricks for catching perch:

My Verdict

Once again, perch will eat just about anything, and that of course includes live bait. If you’re on a budget, you can opt for live bait instead. You can catch a couple of live minnows or use the worms at your local park to catch perch. Live bait can perform just as well as lures, so it isn’t a must to use lures for perch all the time, although they are a lot less troublesome and can better attract fish with their flashy and colourful appearances.

If you want to get a lure though, but still can’t decide on one, your best bet is the Acme Kastmaster. The fact that you can catch anything with it means you can never go wrong with it.

Happy perch fishing!

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