11 Best Surf Fishing Lures Reviewed

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Best Surf Fishing Lures

Hello there fellow angler, you’re about to read my review of the best surf fishing lures.

It’s no secret that surf fishing calls for long casts. To achieve this, your lures need to not only be heavier, but able to cut through the constant winds. How do I know this? I’ve been beach fishing for 20 years now and I’ve caught everything from bluefish to trout in the ocean.

I’m about to share with you artificial lures that will get any fish to take the bait. By far the best one I’ve ever used is the Acme Kastmaster. Whatever fish you’re targeting, this incredibly durable lure will do the trick. If you didn’t like it for some reason though, don’t worry, you’ve got 10 other lures to choose from.

Let’s jump right into it!

Our Top 11 Picks

  1. Acme Kastmaster Lure (Best Overall)
  2. Sea Striker Surf Spoon (Best Runner-Up)
  3. Gibbs Polaris Pencil Popper (Best For Bass)
  4. Rapala Saltwater Skitter Walk (Best Topwater Lure)
  5. Creek Chub Striper Strike Saltwater Lure (Best For Distance Casting)
  6. Rapala X-Rap XR10 (Best Jerkbait) 
  7. Diamond Jig (Best For Scouting)
  8. DOA Shrimp Lure (Best Shrimp Lure) 
  9. Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow Floating Lure (Best Floating Versatility)
  10. Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow Sinking Lure (Best Sinking Versatility)
  11. Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow Fast Sinking Lure (Best Fast Sinking Versatility)

The 11 Best Surf Fishing Lures

For those wondering why you need other lures even though the Acme Kastmaster can already do the trick for any fish, consider this.

A swiss army knife has a pair of scissors and a screwdriver. It’s awesome, but an actual pair of scissors is still more effective. Similarly, if you want maximum effectiveness and to catch more fish, you’ll need to find the right lure as all the successful anglers before you have done.

Best Overall

1. Acme Kastmaster Lure

Starting off with a bang is our number 1 recommendation – the Acme Kastmaster. Don’t underestimate this plain-looking lure. Experienced anglers will know that this lure can reel in all sorts of fish, from the tiniest panfish to the biggest monsters. This is one of those artificial baits that can catch everything. I’ve found that it works super well for false albacore and bluefish. Its aerodynamic shape allows for impressive distance casting too. Most importantly, its top-of-the-line solid brass won’t break, bend, or corrode under any condition.

Since this is a lure that requires fast retrieve, for best results, use a reel with higher gear ratio.

Best Runner-Up

2. Sea Striker Surf Spoon

This next lure is similar to the Acme Kastmaster. You’ll be attracting fish of all species too. The only difference is that its colours are much brighter. You might want to keep a few Kastmasters and a few of these and switch them up when the fish aren’t biting on either one.

Best For Bass

3. Gibbs Polaris Pencil Popper

This next lure is the best lure you can have for bass. When it hits the water, it creates an irresistible splash and gurgling sound that beckons big bass to the surface. Its shape is ideal for jerky motions to mimic distressed fish. I’ve caught plenty of gigantic bass with this and found it to work particularly well for striped bass. It’s got a good weight to it so you can cast far too.

Best Topwater Lure

4. Rapala Saltwater Skitter Walk

When it comes to topwater lures, there’s no better lure. With a weighted tail, it’s perfect for the “walk the dog” motion. Furthermore, the loud internal rattles not only attract fish with the noise but create a side-to-side motion to imitate fleeing or injured baitfish.

Best For Distance Casting

5. Creek Chub Striper Strike Saltwater Lure

If you often have trouble casting far enough, this surf fishing lure will remedy it. Engineered to cast further than all other lures, even a weak cast will be enough to reach the big fish.

Best Jerkbait

6. Rapala X-Rap XR10

If you’re a fan of jerkbaits, you’ll want to make sure you have this one. Its jerking motions are unrivalled because of its sleek design that allows it to dive hard and fast. What really makes it the best jerkbait though is its rattle and Rapala action that only Rapala can produce. You may not be able to tell, but fish will. This is the most tempting jerkbait on the market.

Best For Scouting

7. Diamond Jig

Next on the list is the diamond jig. Diamond jigs are a staple in the tackle box of any surf angler, and for good reason. There’s no artificial lure better suited to cover distance quickly than the diamond jig. Surf fishermen should have a couple of these jigs to scout the waters speedily and see what’s lurking beneath the surface. 

Best Shrimp Lure

8. DOA Shrimp Lure

DOA is the gold standard when it comes to artificial shrimp. If you’re looking for the most appealing shrimp lure to catch fish, look no further.

Over the years, the DOA Shrimp lure has put just about any fish that feeds on live shrimp into anglers’ boats. Just note that these artificial shrimp lures are smaller in size and you won’t be able to target species that are bigger. But for panfish to medium sized fish, this lure will work wonders.

Best Floating Versatility

9. Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow Floating lure

This is probably everyone’s favourite lure. This lure has won the hearts of many anglers because of how versatile it is.

It’s used to catch just about every fish species you know of. Everything goes after this lure without fail. When you cast it out, you know you’re guaranteed to snag something. The only question is which fish. Since this lure appeals to every fish in existence, you never know what’s at the end of your line. Anglers fishing near the surface will want to get this lure.

Best Sinking Versatility

10. Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow Sinking lure

This is another variation of the previous lure. Whereas the previous version was made for catching fish on the surface, this is made for deeper waters. If you want a lure that can reach great depths and find those elusive fishes, this is the lure for you.

Best Fast Sinking Versatility

11. Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow Fast Sinking lure

If the previous one wasn’t enough, and you want a lure that can slice through waters in a flash, this is it. You’ll be able to reach the bottom of the sea in no time with this lure.

My Verdict

Each of these proven lures are legendary in their own right. I would advise you to get one of each, but for surf anglers on a budget, the Acme Kastmaster is your best bet. You can use it surf fish at any depth and at any distance.

To end off, most anglers who are looking for the best lures already have their surf fishing rod and reel ready. For those who don’t have a surf rod or surf reel in their tackle boxes though, fret not. Here are the best surf fishing rods and best surf fishing reels.

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