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While a fishing rod intended for bass can probably also be used to catch trout, choosing the appropriate rod will make fishing easier and more enjoyable.

We’ve curated the best fishing rods for each species of fish and also for each purpose.


While rods nowadays often come with reels, getting your own reel allows you to decide its smoothness, weight, and so on. These small differences, when done right, ultimately make for the best fishing experience in each situation.

Rod And Reel Combos

Finding a reel to pair with a rod takes time and knowledge that not everyone has. This is why some anglers prefer to get rod and reel combos. In addition, rod and reel combos also help to reduce overall spending.


Perhaps the most important part of your fishing setup, lures have to very carefully selected. It’s possible to get away with shabby rods and reels, but with lures, you have to really know what you’re doing. These are our carefully selected lures for each situation.


The best lures and the finest rods are all connected by the unsung hero of any fishing setup—fishing line.


Kayaks open up a whole new world of fishing, allowing you to fish anywhere on any water body.

Fish Finders

Fish finders eliminate any uncertainty in locating fish and help you find the best fishing spots to catch the most fish.

Other Fishing Gear

If you couldn’t find the fishing gear you’re looking for, it might be in this section.

Using these guides we’ve meticulously compiled, we’re confident you’ll be able to find the best gear to use on your fishing trips.