9 Best Bluefish Lures Reviewed

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Best Bluefish Lures

Greetings fellow angler! Welcome to my review of the best bluefish lures.

If you’ve tried catching bluefish before, you might have noticed that most of the time, this saltwater fish will eat whatever it can find. At times like that, you can use just about anything as bait and you’ll likely still go home with a bluefish or two. The problem is, there are times when a small splash will have them scurrying for cover and they become really fussy about their food. 

Lucky for you, the lures on this list were compiled for the very purpose of getting bluefish to bite during times like that.

Let’s get started.

Our Top 9 Picks

  1. Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper (Best Overall)
  2. Spro Bucktail Jig (Best For Calm Waters)
  3. Acme Kastmaster (Best Versatility)
  4. Diamond Jig (Best For Scouting)
  5. Bomber Long Shot Slender Minnow (Best For Distance Casting)
  6. Rapala X-Rap Saltwater (Best Durability)
  7. Storm WildEye Swim Shad (Best Lifelikeness)
  8. Berkley PowerBait Minnow (Best Scent)
  9. Blue Water Candy Umbrella Rig (Best Umbrella Rig)

The 9 Best Bluefish Lures

Before we get started, just a disclaimer. Big bluefish can really put up a fight, what with their explosive strikes, strong bites, and sharp teeth. You might want to get a few of these lures in case one of them gets chewed up.

Best Overall

1. Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper

First on the list is the Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper. This is the lure that will catch bluefish when all other lures have failed. Even bluefish that aren’t feeding won’t be able to resist attacking a pencil popper that annoys them and taunts them to strike.

You’ll find that sometimes, bluefish don’t even attack these artificial lures for food. They simply want to put these lures down for good, and in doing so, they’ll provide you an opportunity to snag them.

The only time when this bluefish lure won’t attract bluefish is in calm waters against cautious bluefish. At times, you may notice that any lure that makes a splash will cause bluefish to dart to safety. In particular, the splash of the pencil popper is more noticeable in calm waters, which is why it might not work if the bluefish are feeling more careful on that day.

Best For Calm Waters

2. Spro Bucktail Jig

This next bluefish lure is the perfect lure to do what the Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper can’t. When you need a lure for cautious bluefish in calm waters, there’s no better choice than the Spro Bucktail Jig. 

The trick is to cast the Spro Bucktail Jig a distance away from where bluefish are and then reel it to where bluefish are headed so that they won’t be spooked. Since the Spro Bucktail Jig was designed to glide naturally along water, it’s the best lure for the job.

Best Versatility

3. Acme Kastmaster

Next up is one of the most versatile lures on the market – the Acme Kastmaster. If you’ve been fishing for some time, chances are, you’ve heard of this amazing lure that can attract fish of any kind, whether it’s striped bass, cape cod, or even a sand eel.

Moreover, it works especially well for bluefish fishing due to its ability to withstand their powerful bites and the flash it gives off. The best part about it is that you can use it for any other fish species. This means you won’t have to get different lures for different fishes. Just note that for best results, you’ll want to retrieve it quickly.

Best For Scouting

4. Diamond Jig

First off, I’ll admit, it isn’t the most appealing lure. But as plain as it looks, the diamond jig is the go-to lure whenever I need to cover distance or scout the waters. When you go fishing at a new spot, it’s always a good idea to see what fish are underneath the surface, and the best way to do this is by using diamond jigs.

The streamlined structure allows diamond jigs to slice through wind better than any other lure and thus reach further waters. And I chose this diamond jig because the split tube tail hook is an easy target for bluefish to chew on, further tempting them to take a bite. This is a great lure for finding out where bluefish are before changing up to a more attractive artificial bait.

Best For Distance Casting

5. Bomber Long Shot Slender Minnow

When you need maximum casting distance, you won’t have to look any further than the Bomber Long Shot Slender Minnow.

As the “Long Shot” in its name suggests, this lure was built to slice through the air and reach the farthest fishes. It does so with its aerodynamic shape that provides the least surface area for friction with the air, allowing it to seemingly glide in the air. This makes it very well-suited for surf fishing and targeting bluefish far out in the surf. And once it lands, it then imitates an injured minnow to tempt bluefish with an easy meal.

Best Durability

6. Rapala X-Rap Saltwater

As with all Rapala lures, the Rapala X-Rap Saltwater has unparalleled action. The aggressive darting motion ensures bluefish won’t miss it and taunts them to strike. 

On top of that, this lure was specifically made with saltwater in mind, so it’s able to handle even the strongest bites without being damaged.

Best Lifelikeness

7. Storm WildEye Swim Shad

Next on the list, the Storm WildEye Swim Shad is incredibly realistic, whether in appearance or texture. I’m not quite sure how to describe it, but from the picture, you can tell you’ll have a hard time differentiating this lure from a live fish. 

What’s more, the body is exceptionally soft and feels just like a live fish. For bluefish anglers looking for an ultra-realistic lure, this is it.

Best Scent

8. Berkley PowerBait Minnow

Seasoned anglers will know that Berkley’s lures always come with the irresistible scent of PowerBait. The Berkley PowerBait Minnow even has a variety of scents to choose from. 

Berkley has also stated that this scent is even more effective and long-lasting than real salmon eggs. Furthermore, the floating formula improves the dispersion of the scent, allowing you to reach fishes far away.

Best Umbrella Rig

9. Blue Water Candy Umbrella Rig

To finish off, the Blue Water Candy Umbrella Rig is the last resort. When you find that you’ve exhausted every lure at your means and still haven’t caught a single bluefish, it’s time to whip out the umbrella rigs. 

Sometimes, bluefish are looking to target schools of fish. At times like that, you’ll be glad you bought that umbrella rig. The Blue Water Candy Umbrella Rig is our chosen umbrella rig because of its bright colours that can catch the attention of bluefish.

My Verdict

Bluefish may be more easy-going with their choice of food than other fishes, but there are still times when you need the best lures to get these predatory fish biting.

All the lures on this list are outstanding in their own right. However, if you want to catch big bluefish, I recommend getting the Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper for choppy waters and the Spro Bucktail Jig for calm waters.

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