Andrew Keaveny

Scuba Diving Instructor
Fishing Gear
Ice Fishing
Monroe Community College


  • Experienced Scuba Diving Instructor with an in-depth passion for fishing.
  • Holds an Associate's degree from Monroe Community College.
  • Puts himself in the shoes of anglers, offering relatable and thoroughly researched content.


Andrew Keaveny, a Scuba Diving Instructor, isn't just someone who dives into the depths of the ocean; he's a passionate angler who understands the pulse of the fishing community in America. With every article he crafts, Andrew embarks on a meticulous research journey, ensuring he offers not just information, but value that resonates with anglers. His writing philosophy centers on addressing what the angling community truly wants to know. Beyond the written word and diving, Andrew's love for the waters extends to sailing and capturing the beauty of marine life and landscapes through photography.


Andrew received his Associate's degree from Monroe Community College, fortifying his foundational knowledge and passion for marine life and the wonders beneath the waves.

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